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Interior Doors


Click for an interactive list of all our doors. You can search for specific doors through a variety of characteristics.

Technical Info


Click for specific dimensions as well as details of the internal structure of our interior doors.

Aegis Global Corp

Solid Core Interior Door Slab Distributor

Genuine Warmth and Beauty

Offering over 75 years of wood-working experience and a wealth of expertise in the timber industry, we offer high quality wooden doors to our customers designed for beauty and long-life in your home and/or business.

Design and breadth of selection is our objective, enabling our customers to select the right door to fit their personal style. Currently we offer over 100 standard designs in 8 separate categories available in a wide selection of veneers.


Our state-of-the-art facilities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, carry top-of-the-line equipment and machinery capable of maintaining an output of more than 35,000 door sets per month (typical). Our manufacturing processes are optimally streamlined to maximize efficiency and reduce costs which we pass on to our clients.


Every door we manufacture undergoes stringent testing before it is cleared for shipping to our customers. Our inspection teams ensures our high quality standards are enforced as demonstrated by our QC stamp which bears the date of manufacture and the authorized quality assurance supervisor’s signature with a unique serial identification mark for traceability.

All our doors are formaldehyde-free 
and core materials are TSCA Title VI and CARB
II compliant. Our raw materials are certified from the Forest Stewardship Council in recognition of our Eco-friendly door products being manufactured of wood harvested from managed forests under strict environmental, social, and economic standards. 

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