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Aegis Global Corp | Interior Door Slabs

Warranty Conditions

Aegis’ Interior Doors are warranted against material and workmanship defects that are rendered unserviceable or unfit for intended use.



Doors must be inspected before cutting, trimming or finishing. Warranty is null and void if it is improperly installed or finished. Doors must be sealed on all 6 sides. Failure to complete this task satisfactorily voids warranty. Any structural alteration will also void warranty.

Nature makes wood in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. Color, texture, grain appearance or matching wood tonality is not considered defects under this warranty.

Hardware must be installed correctly. Incorrect application of hardware or cutting and altering will void warranty.


Trimming Allowance

The maximum trimming allowance of the door width is ¼ inch from each side equally. ½ inch maximum trimming is allowed for top and bottom of the door.

Interior doors are designed for residential interior use. This warranty covers doors only and does not include hardware, labor and relocation of the doors.


Handling and Storing


Doors should be stored flat, above grade in a clean, dry and well-ventilated area. Do not allow drastic change in heat, cold and humidity.

Deliver to worksite only after the site’s concrete and plaster works are dried. Do not unload in rain.
Allow 48 hours for doors to be acclimated to the worksite before trimming and finishing. If doors are to be stored at worksite for more than a week, all edges must be sealed. Handle doors with clean hands and gloves.
Always lift door safely, do not drag. Do not store in direct sunlight.




Always carefully inspect doors for handling damage or defects prior to installation or finishing. Preparation and sealing:
All surface must be sanded with 180/240 grit paper. Sand only along with the grain and remove all handling, scuff marks and raised grains. Remove all dust with tack cloth before finishing. Finishing should be done immediately after fitting and hanging but not during high humidity times. Ensure that top and bottom edges as well as other edges are sealed. Follow finish manufacturer’s recommended drying time.


Lightly re-sand and wipe between coats. Painted:
After doors are sealed and properly dried, apply a quality water based primer to all surfaces. Follow by
2 coats of finishing paint and follow paint manufacturer’s recommended drying time. Stained:
After doors are sealed and properly dried, apply 2 coats of clear or colored finishing coats and follow finish manufacturer’s recommended drying time.

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