Engineered Door Quality Standards

Specifications For Door Slabs

  • Laminated and Veneered

  • Panels, Membrane Pressed

  • Joints, Dowel joint

  • Veneering Method

  • Either Pre-Assembled or Post-Assembled

  • Minimum 12 cuttermarks per inch

  • Furriness on Ovolo not allowed

  • No chipped out of grain

  • Burnt marks on Ovolo not allowed

  • Sand raised grain well

  • Glue bleed through not allowed

  • Remove glue contamination on door surface

  • Moisture content between 8-12%

  • No serious mineral streak

  • No strong discoloration

  • No loose knots

  • Minute knots allowed if not numerous

  • No pin holes on Ovolo profile

  • Good color matching

  • No surface checking on ovolo profile

  • No case hardening

  • Minor discoloration allowed

  • Pin holes allowed if well filed

  • Limited sapwood allowed

  • Tight large knots allowed

  • Minute knots allowed if not numerous

  • Large flaky rays allowed

  • No finger joint except for softwood species such as pine

  • Finished width of edge strip is to be minimum 10mm

  • Edge strip of up to 18mm can be considered at a slight premium

  • Butt joint is allowed if concealed

  • (Ovolo) Good coloring/tonality match

  • No serious discoloration

  • No pin holes

  • Standard 12mm width after trim

  • End caps of up to 42mm can be considered at a slight premium

  • Other wood species with reasonable color match is allowed

  • Moisture content between 8-12%

  • Not rotten

  • Defects that are opened in nature not allowed

  • Moisture content between 12-15%

  • Quarter cut or rift cut for components

  • Flat cut for panels

  • Occasional use of quarter or flat cut for the entire door is allowed

  • Good color match

  • Minimal Mineral Streak

  • No sap

  • No large knots

  • Minute knots allowed if not numerous

  • Excessive large and flaky rays not allowed

  • Bottom rails and panels of all doors allowed to be book match spliced

  • Preferably finger jointed and laminated along edge

  • Well dried to 8-12% moisture content out from kiln dry

  • When rubber wood is used it must be suitably pressure treated with Borax

  • Use of LVL/LVB as core is allowed

  • Use of blockboard as core is allowed

  • Occasionally need to laminate on face to build up thickness is allowed

  • Density range of 500 - 700 kg/m3 is preferred

  • Defects that do not impair its strength/gluing properties are allowed

  • Density between 600 – 700 kg/m3 +/- 20%

  • Moisture content between 8-12%

  • Both plantation or forest wood based are allowed

  • Strength properties must exceed those stated in EN 1993

  • Moisture resistance used for interior doors

  • Use as core materials for stiles and components when specified

  • Must have strength properties exceeding those in EN 309-5

  • Use as core material for membrane pressed panels

  • 15mm for double sided fielded panel and 10mm for single sided

  • Density between 500-600 kg/m3

  • Moisture resistance grade used for interior doors

  • Moisture content between 8-12%

  • Glue used for interior doors must passed EN 204-205 Class 2 standard

  • Color dye may be used if it does not affect the gluing properties

  • Lamination can either be cold, hot or RF (Radio Frequency)

  • 240 grit sandpaper will be used to finish the door

  • Slightly ease sharp corner edges

  • Minimize cross sanding marks with orbital sanders

  • Tight scribed joints

  • Occasional Hairline gap is allowed at the shoulder joints

  • Repairs Allowed only if not noticeable to the naked eye

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